The merchOne REST API enables seamless integration and automation of image manipulation and product creation within external software systems.

Some of the features that can be achieved using the merchOne API include:

  1. Order Management: The API allows for the management of orders, including the ability to create new orders, retrieve order details, and cancel orders (if the order has not yet been accepted by the system).

  2. Catalog: The API allows for retrieving blueprints and blueprints variants that are associated with a specific store.

  3. Shipping: The API allows retrieval of countries, regions, shipping types, shipping methods, and calculation of shipping costs.

Web hooks

Webhooks enable real-time notifications of shipping events. Typically, only the shipped status is reported. However, customers who wish to track intermediate stages such as pickup or transit can request activation of these notifications by contacting customer support. More information about webhooks can be found here


The following libraries have been made accessible to accelerate the integration process for developers:




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